Saturday, 22 June 2013


Year: 2013
Country: Italy
Artist: Daniele D., Nascirati
Label: no
Format: CD
Tracks: 5
Time: 49:33 minutes
Style: noise dark ambient

Ensemble of free improvisation live set by Ass-OlO and Nascitari. Artwork by DevsKo. Two artists and veterans to modulate noise toghether one day to recording a session totally improvised and the result... is sincerelly hypnotical and charmant. "Soft" noise with different atmospheres and soundscapes from the ambient, drone and dark ambient influences. The climate during the disc is totally enigmatic, mysterious, ritualistic, understable.... but at the same time very attractive. When you start to listen to this album, you can not stop until the end. Very obscure, grave and slow. Great. NOISE DARK AMBIENT

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